Our Great Team

We are a group of health professionals specialized in different areas, a research group and an administrative and financial group.

Dra Dora Inés Molina

Principal Investigator / General Director

Juliana Soto Gómez

Quality management leader – Nurse, Esp. Health auditory.

Alexandra Sánchez A.

Administrative management and human talent leader. Business administrator.

Carolina Jaramillo Vélez

Leader in financial management – Accountant

Paula Correa Rivera

Leader of Clinical Laboratory Services – Bacteriologist

Eridia D. Castaño Mora

Pharmaceutical services leader – Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Viviana Zuluaga C.

Ethics committee quality leader CREICEC – General Physician – Specialist in OSH and Health Audit.

Ana Flórez Gutierrez G.

Coordinator of clinical studies – Bacteriologist – Esp. Quality Management.

Alejandra Marin Vélez

Coordinator of clinical studies – Nurse Esp. Audit in health.

Magda A. Burbano

Clinical Studies Coordinator – Bacteriologist

Ángela Ferreira Montes

Secondary Research Physician – Surgeon, Specialist in Epidemiology

Juan Felipe Salazar E.

Secondary Research Physician – General Practitioner

Wilmar Ferney Romo

Regent pharmacy

Manuela Salinas Mejía

Nursing assistant – Labor technician in nursing assistant

Johana E. Calpa Meneses

Nursing assistant – Labor technician in nursing assistant

Erika V. Gonzáles

Technical secretary CREICEC – Nurse – Specialist in health administration

Paula Andrea Garces

Administrative Secretary – CREICEC Ethics Committee

Lucas Bermúdez Giraldo

Administrative and billing assistant Technologist in business management.

Ángela M. Galvis Cardona

Administrative assistant – human resources technician.

Martha Gutierrez R.


Gladys Galeano L.

General Services Operator

Asesores externos

Erika Gallego

Statutory Auditor – Accountant

Luisa Hernández Osorio

Specialist in Occupational Health and Safety

Asesores externos

Alexander de J. Aguirre

Tax Advisor – Public Accountant

Public Accountant from the University of Manizales, specialist in tax legislation from the University of Caldas, Magister in taxation from the University of Manizales. Diploma in university teaching. Diploma in Customs Legislation. Professor of postgraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Manizales. Tax advisor and tax auditor. Experience 25 years. National companies.

Alvaro García Velásquez

Legal Advisor – Lawyer

Lawyer from the University of Caldas, Specialist in administrative labor law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, currently works as a consulting lawyer, litigator in the labor, administrative and civil areas since 2017.

Diego A. Rivera Molano

Legal Advisor – Lawyer

Lawyer from the University of Caldas with an emphasis on the study of democracy, he has been working as a trial lawyer in labor, commercial and insurance areas since 2015.


Dra. Dora Inés Molina de Salazar

The mic Clinical Research Center has been conducting research for 11 years and to develop it has had the backing and support of the Internal Medicine IPS of Caldas. A health provider institution endorsed in good clinical practices by the Colombian government through the INVIMA certification granted in 2011.

We are pioneers in the field of clinical research in the city of Manizales and a relevant member in the coffee region, our area of ​​influence.