Research Ethics Committee


Regional Committee of Ethics in Clinical Research of the Coffee Region

six years of experience


Research Ethics Committee

We carry out evaluation and follow-up of phase II, III, IV studies and observational studies


Committee registration at S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Registration of an Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Expedited sessions with a time between filing and response of 5 days.

Ordinary sessions 2 times a month

Post-session response times 5 business days.


We have an ethics committee software that allows us to carry out administrative and documentary management in relation to:

  • Online notifications and submissions with filing in 24 hours as long as the documentation is complete.
  • Check information in real time.
  • Electronic signature in submission letters and notifications.
  • Transversality in the process and procedure in terms of evaluation, session, minutes and response.
  • The answers can be downloaded from the software.

Report of Deviations, SAE, CIOM submitted to the committee with their respective analysis.

Indicators in evaluation and response time

Consulting and permanent accompaniment

Environmental responsibility policy: 90% reduction in the use of paper.


An autonomous organization, free from subordination to deliberate and decide.

They are health professionals and others related to Ethics, whose responsibility is to guarantee the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of human beings or animals, involved in research and clinical studies. Especially, the review, approval, recommendation of modifications and amendments of the documentation and the informed consent of the study participants.


Creation of the Ethics Committee

The Regional Committee of Ethics in Clinical Research of the Coffee Region was formalized by means of a constitution act dated August 18, 2016.

The creation of CREICEC responds to the need to establish an evaluation body for research proposals, which is made up of suitable natural persons, but not directly involved in their formulation or execution.

Address and jurisdiction.

Regional Committee of Ethics in Clinical Research for the Coffee Region.

Our offices are located in the Headquarters I building of the IPS Medicos Internistas de Caldas.


+57 (6) 8872600 Ext. 117.


Calle 66 23B-03.
First floor, ground floor.
Manizales, Caldas, Colombia.

Ethics Committee Leader

Viviana Zuluaga

+57 (6) 8872600 Ext. 117.

Full member of the Ethics Committee

General Practitioner with great leadership in team management. Specialist in Safety and Health at Work. Health Audit Specialist. Certified competencies in Clinical Research.

President Ethics Committee

Gloria Acevedo

+57 (6) 8872600 Ext. 117.

President of the CREICEC Ethics Committee

Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Certified Competence in Bioethics.


Serve as an advisory and consulting body, of an institutional nature, committed to promoting ethical and safe behavior, compliance with ethical and bioethical standards and the rights of research participants.

The mission is carried out for both scientific and academic purposes, with special emphasis on those involving human beings, animal experimentation, the use of biological agents or genetically modified organisms.

All in accordance with the provisions of national and international legislation, declarations, guidelines and instruments, in accordance with the mission of the IPS Medicos Internistas de Caldas.


By 2023, CREICEC will be recognized as an organization committed to the protection of the biosphere and living beings involved directly or indirectly in research, ensuring that research practice is carried out based on appropriate ethical, legal and methodological principles.

We will ensure that research has a positive impact on society.


ethics committee members

David Alejandro Maya Moreno.

Community representative member of the CREICEC ethics committee


Specialist in Environmental Law.

Carmen Luisa Betancur Pulgarin

Full member, CREICEC ethics committee


Specialist in epidemiology and university teaching. Master’s degree in Nursing with an emphasis on adults and the elderly.

Sebastian lópez Henao.

Full member, CREICEC ethics committee

Male nurse

Specialist in Health Administration and verifier of qualification conditions.

León Sigifredo

Alternate member of the CREICEC ethics committee

Degree in Philosophy and Letters.

Project Management Specialist. Master in Education and Human Development. Doctorate in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Erika Gonzales

Alternate member and Technical Secretary of the CREICEC Ethics Committee


Health administration specialist

Carlos Rivera

Vice-president of the CREICEC ethics committee.


Specialist in Epidemiology. Master’s public health. Competencies in teaching and clinical research.

Gloria Acevedo

President of the CREICEC ethics committee

Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Certified Competence in Bioethics.

Jhon Niño

Full member of the CREICEC ethics committee

Bio-medical engineer.

Certified Competence in Bioethics.

Paula Garces

Administrative secretary of the CREICEC ethics committee.

Technician in Administrative Assistance.