Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

The Pharmaceutical service is made up of two Pharmaceutical Chemists (one from Backup) and a Pharmacy Manager.

This team is responsible for the custody of the medication from the moment it arrives at the pharmaceutical service until the randomization and dispensing to the patient through specialized and exclusive platforms for each study. Likewise, there is specialized Venus software for the control and traceability of the product under investigation at the Mic Clinical Research Center.

The regulatory and quality documentation is available to guarantee the traceability of the products, which include confirmation of arrival, technical and administrative reception, storage, control, dispensing and return of the research product from the different studies.

To guarantee the conservation of the quality of the products under investigation, there is continuous monitoring of humidity, ambient temperature and cold chain with digital calibrated equipment and through telemetry with instantaneous alarms through electronic devices. There is also backup equipment in case of contingencies in order to guarantee the storage conditions for the product described by the manufacturer.

From the pharmaceutical service, the Pharmacy Committee is periodically led, where the traceability status of the studies and compliance with the regulations for these establishments are evaluated. Similarly, the staff of the pharmaceutical service participates in the clinical records, patient safety and clinical research committee.

We participate in the causality assessment of adverse events together with the medical staff in order to guarantee patient safety. If necessary, the pharmaceutical chemist is responsible for reporting the adverse event and health alerts that arise related to the research product.

If you need to contact us, do not hesitate to call or write to us:

Pharmaceutical Chemist: Eridia Dinora Castaño Mora
Pharmaceutical Chemist: María Alejandra Lopera Hoyos
Pharmacy Regent: Wilmer Romo Lagos

Eridia Dinora Castaño Mora

Leader in Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Leader in Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Pharmaceutical service leader Mic Clinical Research Center Master’s degree in educational technology and digital skills. PhD Student in Public Health. Researcher of the Medical Research Group of the University of Manizales. Professor at the University of Manizales and the University of Caldas. Pharmaceutical research seedbed coordinator University of Manizales


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Calle 66 No 23B- 03. Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. Sur América.