Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

Pharmacy specialized in clinical research

The Pharmaceutical service is made up of a pharmaceutical chemist, a pharmacy manager and a backup pharmaceutical chemist. This team is responsible for the custody of the medication from the moment it arrives at the pharmaceutical service until the randomization of the patient and dispensing of the medication through the exclusive IRXS platform for each study. We also use the mic Clinical Research Center’s Venus platform.

Then, all the documentation that is generated from the arrival of the medicine, dispensing, adherence, inventories is stored in the different files of the studies.

To guarantee the quality of the medicine, there is continuous temperature monitoring, which sends an alarm to the electronic devices and/or email of each person in charge of the pharmaceutical service, there is also an electrical plant and a backup refrigerator.

The team participates in each of the committees as:

Patient safety. Clinical histories. Quality. And pharmacy committee, among others.

We participate with the aim of guaranteeing patient safety, together with the doctor, the causality of adverse events that occur with the research product is evaluated. If necessary, the pharmaceutical chemist is responsible for reporting the adverse event and the health alerts that arise related to the research product.

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  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Maria Cecilia Cuesta
  • Pharmacy Regent: Wilmer Romo Lagos


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Calle 66 No 23B- 03. Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. Sur América.