Clinical research, safer and more humane.

We have developed more than 80 clinical research protocols in various therapeutic areas, with the backing and support of the Internal Medicine IPS of Caldas.

More than 11 years of experience

At the mic Clinical Research Center, sponsors and volunteers receive quality and competitiveness in clinical research. This is our purpose in each study we carry out, giving humane and safe treatment is our priority.

In the last decade we have managed to positively impact the health and lives of more than 2,824 volunteer participants in clinical studies in the coffee region, our area of ​​influence.

We have built a relevant experience. The global pharmaceutical industry and health care institutions in Colombia are witnesses and allies in the growth during the last 11 years. Find us in Manizales, Colombia. South America.

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Investigadora principal, Dora Inés Molina. MD Internista. Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP). Phd en Investigación y docencia.

Leaders in the pharmaceutical industry trust our work

We share with the pharmaceutical industry the common goal of identifying new or better treatments for pathologies that affect the quality of life of our community. At the mic Clinical Research Center, and the Internal Medicine IPS of Caldas, we are committed to conducting clinical trials based on a policy of participant safety and integrity of the data generated.





This is how we celebrate World Clinical Trials Day

Every May 20th we celebrate the International Day of Clinical Trials. Starting this year we will do it from the perspective of clinical research centers, with a reflection as a report. We’ve called it the 2022 mic report.

  • The good, the bad and the future for clinical research.

We share the article and the video that we prepared from my clinical research center.


Innovation from the Pandemic

During the first Latin American Clinical Research Congress that took place last February in Colombia, Dr. Dora Inés Molina, director of the mic Clinical Research Center, presented the great learning and innovation generated by the pandemic.

We share the full text and the video talk of the success story at the mic clinical research center.


We received recognition for our good clinical practices.

The INVIMA, National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, has signed Resolution No. 2022590946 of April 27, 2022, by which the renewal of the certification of compliance with good clinical practices is granted to the IPS Médicos Internistas de Caldas SAS and its Clinical Research Center mic, for five (5) years.

Thanks to the Clinical Research team for the high quality they impart to the investigative processes and thanks to the Research volunteers for trusting us.


We have more than 10 years of experience conducting phase II, III, IV and epidemiological clinical studies in specialties of interest.




Internal Medicine

Nephrology and Urology



We are specialists with more than 10 years of experience.

We represent an important source of employment, foreign exchange and scientific tourism for the city of Manizales.

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