IPS Médicos Internistas de Caldas is a non-profit entity providing Health Services since 2010, which was established by means of a charter on April 8, 2010. And by resolution No. 0340 of April 14, 2010, the Territorial Directorate of Health of Caldas, grants legal status to this entity.

In order to improve and provide a humanized and quality medical service, the IPS is enabled with an external medical consultation specialized in internal medicine in the city of Manizales.

Over the years, and seeing the needs of our population, it was decided to expand the care services, which have been enabled according to current national regulations.


We also have the certificate of Good Clinical Practices granted by INVIMA, the regulatory entity for clinical trials in Colombia, which certifies us as an institution to carry out clinical trials in the city of Manizales, and for now the only institution that provides services certified for address clinical studies in the community according to resolution 2011042379 of November 2, 2011.


Since October 2014, it has been enabled with the latest resolution 2003 of 2014, and we have expanded the services enabled in cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine, rheumatology, pulmonology, pharmaceutical service used for the research center, specific protection-vaccination to take clinical trials in this area and in this way our vision is changing to meet the needs of our internal and external customers.


The mic Clinical Research Center was prepared for what was to come. A Pandemic with no close precedent in our history.


Our principal investigator assumes the presidency of ACIC, the Colombian Association of Clinical Research Centers, and from there leads the transformation of the association for the benefit of all Clinical Research Centers in the country. Doctor Dora Inés Molina contributes her experience, having already led the most important scientific associations in the areas she studies. Former president of the medical associations ACMI, SOLAT, FDC.

The transition between the authorization regulations, from 2003 of 2014, to 3100 of 2019, is completed.


The technical director of medicines and biological products of the National Institute for Food and Medicine Surveillance – INVIMA signs Resolution No. 2022590946 of April 27, 2022, by which the Renewal of the Certification of compliance with Good Clinical Practices is granted to the IPS MÉDICOS INTERNISTAS DE CALDAS SAS for five (5) years.

Change of corporate identity and new website.