If you need to speak with the quality coordination of clinical studies, contact:

    Juliana Soto Gómez

    Leader in Quality services of the Clinical Research Center mic.

    (6) 88 72 600

    Write to our contact form.

    Covid 19 tests – PCR in less than an hour.

    Contact the leader in clinical laboratory services at our research center.

    Paula Correa

    +57 60 (6) 88 72 600 Ext. 101 – 109.
    +57 302 357 42 51

    If you require a medical appointment with one of the outpatient specialists, from the Internal Medicine IPS of Caldas, ask for Martha, she will coordinate your appointment.


    (6) 88 72 600


    Calle 66 No 23B- 03. Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. Sur América.

    Directora del Centro de Investigación Clínica mic

    Dra. Dora Inés Molina

    Principal investigator, internist, Phd in clinical research and teaching.

    Recognized medical speaker, with more than 1000 talks given on scientific advances related to specialties: internal medicine and cardiology, among others.

    Former president of the medical associations ACMI, SOLAT, FDC and the Colombian Association of Clinical Research Centers ACIC.

    Full professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Caldas.

    Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP). Fellow Latin-American Society of Hypertension (LASH).

    Colciencias Junior Researcher.

    Former director of the Caldas hospital, former secretary of health.

    Diabetes Specialist. Member of the Women’s Chapter of the Colombian Society of Cardiology, ACMI and LASH. Editorial Board Member Journal of Hypertension. Section editor of the Colombian journal of cardiology.

    Governor IASH Colombia (Intern American Society of Hypertension)

    Founder and current director of the mic Clinical Research Center and the Internal Medicine IPS of Caldas.

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    Miembro honorario de la sociedad colombiana de Cardiología.

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    Miembro honorario de la sociedad colombiana de Nefrología e Hipertensión arterial (ASOCOLNEF).